Near Field Communications (NFC) enables smartphones, tags and other devices to communicate by bringing them into proximity with each other.

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We do the Internet of Things!

NFC technology is transforming the way to interacting with things. The potential for NFC is unlimited. We can help you apply NFC to Access Control, Brand Protection, Coupons, Identity, Marketing Campaigns, Mobile Payment, Point of sale, Ticketing and more. Stay tuned to our blog...

Our Products

Mac App (OSX)

The app brings Near Field Communication experience to your Mac. The app can read and write NFC Tags, but that is not all. It engages your Mac by triggering actions like opening Safari, Text Edit, Contacts and more.

iPhone / iPad App

The app delivers the power of Nfc on the go! Now your iPhone or iPad can experience Nfc tag interactions too. With the help of a powerful NFC Reader and some whiz-bang software, your iOS device can engage NFC tags.

Software Development

The Software Development Kit (SDK) is the common framework used by both the Mac OSX and iPhone / iPad apps. The kit is deep into the ones and zeros of the NFC interaction between smartphones, tags and devices.

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